SSL Certificates

Protect your website data and privacy with ssl certificates

Website Security

SSL certificates with tough encryption and warranty insurance protection

Secure your site, add trust and improve confidence for your visitors. SaneChoice have the right certificate for all your site security needs.

Domain Validated

Ideal for small websites and professional blogs.

Starting From

£69.99 / yr

Business Validation

Ideal for websites that collect personal and private data.

Starting From

£129.99 / yr

Extended Validation

Ideal with websites that accept online payments.

Starting From

£199.99 / yr

SSL Certificate Features

Establish trust and assurance with professional-grade SSL certificates for your business.

Our SSL certificates offer robust security measures, ensuring you no longer need to be concerned about data breaches or interception.


Protect your business with warranty insurance from £10K up to £1.4Mn.

Strong Encryption

All SSL certificates come with 256-bit encryption, offering tough security.

Free Reissues

Reissue your SSL certificate anytime from within your client portal.

Expert Support

Every SSL certificate is supported by major browser, with 99.9% coverage.

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