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How to design a website on a budget

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You may consider giving your current website a spruce-up as the new year approaches. Or, you may not have a website and need one to attract new business. One barrier is the cost of any design work you are looking to do in 2023. So SaneChoice has found a solution that enables you to design a website on a budget.

Times are tough

There is no denying it. Money (especially in the UK) is buying a lot less than it did a year ago. So here at SaneChoice Towers, we are extra careful with lighting and heating. Something we took for granted in the past. But this got us thinking about our clients and how this situation is the same for them.

We know that business owners need to stay current with their web design. However, we also appreciate that spending thousands on a new website or redesign is not on the cards. As a result, a DIY Website Design is the solution you need. 

Designing a website on a budget

Do-It-Yourself web design is a perfect option for those on a budget. Yes, it does mean you have to build it, which takes a little time. But this approach reduces the cost of web design and puts you in control of your creativity.

Historically, there has been a stigma associated with Web Builders. And to be fair, they all produced the same look and feel at one point. This forced people to go down the more expensive bespoke website design route. However, DIY web design technology has improved in recent years, and you can now build a professional website for a very reasonable cost.

The good news is that SaneChoice has its very own Website Creator product! This is excellent news for those worried about money or wanting more control over their web design – it even has a free trial to see the features in action.

SaneChoice Web Builder Features 

As mentioned above, Web Builders now have many great features, and our offering is no different. We have listed a few features below so you know what’s on offer and how it might be a good solution for you.

  • Drag & Drop Editor lets customers add and arrange website features directly on the page, with predictive highlighting placement.
  • No coding is required. The SaneChoice Web Builder is not targeting professional coders. Moreover aims to provide business owners with a platform that anybody can use to create elegant websites that work on any device.
  • Ready-made layout elements for text, buttons, photos, or icons. Build any custom professional-looking website layout.
  • A collection of 350+ content blocks helps them build professional websites without technical skills. Constructed and ready in no time.
  • A selection of over 200,000 professional premium photos in high resolution. Our Site Builder also includes Embedded Videos and Image Optimisation.
  • Mobile-friendly built-in. Websites will look great on any device. All templates are 100% responsive.

Professional looking design

Web Builders come with premade templates and blocks to get you started. And the premade layouts look fantastic, meaning your business immediately obtains real presence. In addition, and more importantly, every template can be changed to fit your business brand. You can view a selection below to see how they look:

What about Bespoke Design?

This all sounds and looks great. But where does that leave bespoke design?

There is no getting around it. Bespoke-designed websites allow you to create something unique and specifically branded to your business. In addition, you have greater control over the functionality and features. A Web Builder is not going to give you that flexibility. For example, the SaneChoice website is entirely bespoke, and mimicking it with a Web Builder would be challenging.

However, only some business owners need something so elaborate. This is where Web Builders help businesses obtain an internet presence that does not cost the earth.


Whether you want to promote yourself or your business, the SaneChoice Web Builder is template and wizard-based, allowing you to design a website on a budget. It is simple enough for beginners and feature-rich for professionals. Furthermore, it is incredibly affordable, meaning it is within reach of almost any business owner.

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