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How to choose a domain name for your business

how to choose a domain name

The first thing visitors to your website see is the domain name. Since it serves as your virtual address, it must appropriately represent your brand and stand out in a crowded market. Moreover, it should be memorable, something people can refer back to with minimal effort.

If you’re lucky, this could become synonymous with your company. For instance, “Googling” a query is now official parlance but is also a particular brand name. While your company may not have the reach to expand such a marketing sleight of hand just yet, it can’t hurt to be mindful of your domain options in that light.

These five suggestions will assist you in choosing a domain name for your business

Make It Brief & Simple

Try to keep the domain name as short as possible; a shorter domain name is simpler to remember and type. This is crucial if your company name is lengthy or challenging to spell. Since the top ones tend to sell out quickly, short and simple domain names can compound into longer phrases that are more likely to be available without adding a ridiculous number of characters to the virtual address.

Consider The Domain Extension

It’s always important to consider the domain name’s extension because some will be more relevant to your brand. For instance, you may wish to go for a country-specific identifier to localise your business in a particular place – is, of course, the British extension many companies use to gain a brand domain name. But you may also go for “.ai” if you’re in the tech space or “.tv” if you’re in broadcasting.

Keywords Are Worth Considering

To make it easier for visitors to locate you, incorporate relevant keywords into your website’s domain name. For instance, if you offer handcrafted soap, your domain name can contain the phrases “handmade” and “soap.” Additionally, it will raise your search engine ranking if you have relevant domain phrasing to utilise.

Hyphens & Numbers Are Acceptable, But Not Ideal

While adding hyphens or numerals to a domain name is tempting to make it stand out, doing so makes it more difficult for users to remember and enter. They can also be perplexing since some individuals are unsure whether to enter a “dot” or “dash” or write the number out or type it as a digit if the website is given to them verbally.

Consider Your Audience & Their Needs

Consider your target market while selecting a domain name that appeals to them. For instance, you could want a more edgy or fashionable domain name if you’re aiming for a younger, hipper audience. On the other hand, you could choose something more straightforward and more conventional if you’re catering to a more professional audience. You may see this in terms of how intelligent marketers incorporate the extension into their domain name.

You Can Also Buy Alternatives

If you have the .com email address for your brand, you might also choose the .co, .net and .info, all redirected to your main brand domain. This can help you ensure that even if people get the extension wrong or misspell it, they’ll find you. For example – if you type “” into the search bar, you’ll still find the correct search engine thanks to their foresight.


So, now you have a better understanding of how to choose a domain name for your business. There is no exact science to choosing a domain name. However, a bit of thought can make your brand more cohesive.

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