Google Docs: A Great Productivity Tool

Though Google Docs is a widely-known text-editing application, many people still use other platforms such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and TextEdit for word processing. While those and other software have valuable features, Google’s word processor stands out for several reasons, including its free price tag, simple usage, and collaboration features – great for mobile workforces

Google Docs is Totally Free

Unlike many popular text editing apps, users are not teased with a free version with reduced features or limited usage time. Instead, they can use the complete version from day one without any time limits.

Other free applications often require new users to save their credit card details to their account, but Google Docs doesn’t need anything other than having a Google account. So, for example, if you use Gmail, you automatically have a Google account and can start creating content immediately.

Easy to Access

You do not have to download and install any software to use Google Docs on your computer. All you need to do is load the Google Docs website in your web browser. However, if you are not signed in to a Google account, you must create one and sign in to start creating documents. 

You can also download and install the app on a mobile device. You can then create and continue working on you documents from any device. So if you started a document on your mobile device, you could continue working on it through your computer.

Though an internet connection is needed to access your files through the cloud, Google Docs offers an offline mode that will let you work on documents without an internet connection.

Google Docs Includes Collaboration Features

Google’s document editing software has helpful collaboration features that allow users to comment and edit sections of shared documents. The sharing process is easy and has options for specifying recipients and editing capabilities.

Edits to shared documents are noted almost instantly. In addition, collaborators can see a history of improvements and restore previous versions, if needed.

Google Docs integrates well with popular team management platforms like Trello, Airtable, Asana, and Wrike. Advanced integrations can be executed with a software specialist or a software automation platform like Zapier.

Simpler User Interface

Google Docs has a clean layout and design that makes it easy to navigate. You can quickly access many editing features through a small and sleek toolbar. If you want more viewable writing space on your screen, you can minimize the menu bar so only the taskbar is showing.

Like many Google applications, Google Docs integrates tools in a streamlined way. Collaboration tools are smoothly weaved in with the text. The collaboration icons only appear when the mouse pointer hovers over the right side of a document.

Complete Text-Editing Features

Google Docs has all the primary tools needed to create and edit many documents. Features like font styles, text alignment and bullet points are all present. Still, other features like paragraph spacing and text styles can go wonders for formatting and organization compared to other text-editing software.

Much of the formatting carries over to other platforms, so you won’t have to waste much time with reformatting. In addition, documents created in different platforms like Microsoft Word are typically editable in Google Docs with little to no formatting issues.

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