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A vital component of any internet marketing plan is blogging. As more and more people seek more substance outside centralised platforms, this is becoming more relevant by the day.

This not only gives your website a means to stay current and a reason for your visitors to keep returning, but it also promotes traffic and raises your search engine results via good SEO. That said, it might be challenging to decide which blogging platform to use with so many options available. 

Whether you’re a small business, an individual, or just someone trying to share their food writing or travel photography, you deserve to have a voice. So, here are a few of the most popular blogging websites, both paid and unpaid.


There are many different layouts and design possibilities on the paid-for blogging platform Squarespace. It’s a good choice for companies or individuals who want to establish a blog that looks professional. 

Squarespace is known for having some of the most professional-looking templates. Still, its customizability isn’t as good unless you pay for the higher-tier option and are willing to spend on plugins and themes. That said, for almost all the needs of a standard blog, it will look beautiful, modern and sleek.

Squarespace is an attractive option for people wishing to sell goods online because it also has e-commerce features – like Shopify integration. Not all blogs have to remain unmonetised, after all.


Storytelling and long-form content are the primary uses of the free blogging platform Medium. However, it’s a fantastic alternative for authors or companies wishing to share their thoughts and experiences. This is why many journalists have used it to release free content and why many public figures will turn to Medium should they need to release a lengthy PR statement. 

Medium is quite simple in that you cannot adjust or alter the general presentation of the page, but you can add tech and images and format both to your heart’s content. This keeps everything uniform. Moreover, Medium has a healthy community ready to discuss any topic at length, and there’s already some fantastic insight on the platform.


Ghost is an excellent blogging platform with an emphasis on speed and simplicity. It’s a perfect choice for companies or individuals who want to quickly build a blog with a professional appearance without thinking too hard about the theme they wish to use. In other words, it’s a foolproof approach, worthy even though you’re no fool.

Several layouts and design possibilities are available with Ghost, which also integrates with other tools like email marketing systems.


One of the most widely used and popular blogging website available is WordPress. It’s an open-source, free platform that lets you quickly build and manage your blog. WordPress has many themes and plugins, making it simple to tailor your blog to your needs. These templates mean that even small businesses can curate a professional-looking blog space and replace it with tags, categories, and picture hosting. You can also include comment sections to gain that audience interaction you want.

Other premium choices, like, charge a monthly subscription and provide additional functionality and support. Of course, the premium option will always be better, but it’s worth considering your blog’s actual needs.


Tumblr enables users to build and maintain their blogs quickly. It is well-liked among novices and those searching for a simple, quick way to establish a blog because of how straightforward it is. It’s also quite popular among young people, meaning that a brand page hosted here is not necessarily wrong.

The emphasis on microblogging on Tumblr is one of its distinctive aspects. Users may post short updates, pictures, videos, and other information to their blogs. This makes it a fantastic venue for giving brief updates or inside looks at your company or lifestyle. For instance, travel writers have made great use of it. In addition, Tumblr users may follow and engage with other blogs, which contributes to its strong sense of community. 

However, be mindful that Tumblr does have a distinctive and edgy culture, so many brands may need to consider it appropriate for their marketing strategy. As an individual, perhaps you’ll think differently.

Start writing your blog

This article has outlined some of the most popular blogging websites avaialble. There are plenty of blogging platforms, so your creative writing is not constrained to just one. Naturally, if you pay more, you get more. But only some people need more, so some research can save you money. 

If you like the sound of using WordPress, SaneChoice provides WordPress-ready hosting for just £4.99 per month. It’s an affordable and great way to unlock your creative potential.

SaneChoice started in 2004 when a customer was frustrated by their hosting provider at the time. Since that year, SaneChoice has been providing technology services to clients worldwide, with a strong focus on helping small businesses understand technology.

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