The Benefits of Web Analytics

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You can try to guess what your website visitors want. Or you can use web analytics. Web analytics is a useful tool that you can use to optimise your website, which in turn can lead to a better web experience for your visitors, more streamlined operations, and ultimately more sales. That’s a whole bunch of benefits that companies can enjoy just by incorporating web analytics!

Still on the fence? Then we’re here to convince you. In this blog, we’ll run through some of the many benefits of web analytics that you may not be aware of, and how it can improve your google ranking.

Learn About Visitor Interactions

You can serve your visitors better if you know more about them. Web analytics is the tool that allows you to uncover large swaths of useful data. For example, you can learn how many people are visiting your website and when they’re doing it. You’ll also know where they’ve come from (did they find you on Google, or did someone send them your newsletter?), what pages they visit on your site, and how much time they’re spending there. And when you understand your customer’s behaviour, you’ll be able to improve your sales flow.

That information alone would make web analytics worth its weight in gold. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Bounce Rate Information

You’ll hope that everyone who lands on your website will look around, get comfortable, and make a purchase. Alas, life isn’t so simple. You’ll have people who visit only one page of your website before leaving. This is called your bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, then something is not working as well as it should. Something will need to change.

Web analytics can help you to figure out what it is that you need to change. Perhaps the visitor landed on a page that wasn’t relevant to a search query. Perhaps they found that the user experience was too difficult and left before figuring it out. Both of these problems are solvable, but before you can do that, you’ll need to be aware of them.

Web Analytics Helps You Track Conversions

You’ll have goals for your website. You’ll hope that your website visitors follow the steps that you want them to take. Maybe you hope that they’ll land on your homepage and then find their way towards your introductory video or that they’ll download your white paper. That’s what you hope will happen.

With web analytics, you’ll be able to track your conversion success. If it’s not as successful as you’d like it to be, then the tool will help show you which areas need improvement. Ultimately, if you’re able to improve your conversions, then you can improve your bottom line, so anything that can help you do that should be an essential tool.

Knowing Which Marketing Campaigns Work and Which Don’t

You’d like to think that all your marketing campaigns would be wildly successful. But that’s never the case. Sometimes, campaigns just don’t work. Having a dud of a campaign isn’t the end of the world — what is important, however, is that you know about it. With web analytics, you’ll learn where your visitors are coming from and the conversion rate. If one of your campaigns is yielding results, then great — if one of them is performing poorly, then you can cancel it.

Web Analytics Will Help You Optimise Your Website

It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to get a website that reflects your business and which helps you to achieve success. As such, you’ll want to ensure that your website really is working as well as it could do. When you use web analytics, you’ll be given a snapshot of potential problems that impact your website’s success. And once you know what those potential problems are, you can get to work fixing them. That’s good for your business and good for your customers.

At SaneChoice, we use Plausible Privacy-Friendly Web Analytics for our and our client’s websites. You can find out why Plausible has become our number 1 choice as an analytics tool in our Why we use Plausible Web Analytics in-depth article. 

Is Web Analytics For You?

We’ve run through just some of the benefits that web analytics can bring to a potential business. But is it right for you? If your website is just a digital placeholder and doesn’t directly impact your bottom line, then you can probably live without it. However, if your business is directly impacted by the success (or failure) of your website, then it’s probably essential. Why? Because there are simply too many benefits that it can bring. It helps to shine a light on areas that would otherwise remain dark, and there’s no telling what you might achieve once you have that information in your toolkit.

SaneChoice started in 2004 when a customer was frustrated by their hosting provider at the time. Since that year, SaneChoice has been providing technology services to clients worldwide, with a strong focus on helping small businesses understand technology.

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