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After you have set up a website, you may be looking for the next step in improving your overall traffic growth. One of the most important organic strategies is to improve Google’s ability to index your website, specifically your blog content. Having organic traffic can be essential to the long-term growth of your website. With these items in mind, here are tips and strategies you can apply to improve the chances of having your website content indexed on Google. So, let’s find out how you improve your Google ranking. 

Sign up for Search Console

The best part about setting up a Google search console account is that it is free. Through the search console platform, you can actively track your website and make sure it is optimized in several key metrics. These include the mobile responsiveness of your website as well as checking for any errors that may limit the visibility of your blog content.

Set Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a resourceful tool, especially if you are looking to monitor the traffic on your website. Through Google Analytics, you can find out more about your visitors and how they interact with your content. The key metrics you can find out include the top pages visitors go to, the bounce rate of each page, and how long they are spending on the website altogether. By gauging these metrics, you can be more informed on how to improve the navigational experience of your website.

Have a Social Media Presence

Another important strategy is to have an active social media presence tied to your website. By sharing your blog content on as many different social platforms as possible, you can improve the likelihood that it will get indexed on Google. In addition, social media sharing will help your content reach more people and get organic followers. As long as your content is relevant to the audience you target, your social media presence can be a valuable contributor to long-term growth.

Bookmark Your Content

Google has a better chance of indexing your website content when it is bookmarked. If a site is huge, chances are that it will get noticed before your content does. In such a case, you can place bookmarks on your content to make it more noticeable to visitors. Once Google recognizes these bookmarks, your content will naturally get indexed on their search engine.

As more businesses and entrepreneurs are leaning more towards having strong online presences, it is important to have a website that can naturally be indexed by Google as well. The growth you can have from organic traffic can be valuable to your website in the long term. A few strategies and an understanding of search engine concepts can make a difference in helping your website get indexed. As you develop and manage your website, consider adding the aforementioned strategies to your process as well – all of which will help improve your Google ranking.

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