How to Edit the Header in WordPress

WordPress’s creators designed the tool to be the most versatile website platform in the world. The benefit of this approach is that it made it possible for designers to build more bespoke websites. The downside is that the tool is more difficult to use than some simpler website template platforms.

Most website owners don’t want to stick with WordPress’s default theme, so figuring out how to edit the header in WordPress is important. Here’s what to do:

Access the WordPress Header Configuration

Go to the admin area of your website by typing into the URL bar. Log in using your username and password and then navigate to Appearance >> Customize on the dashboard’s sidebar.

Click Header and then the Site Identity option. Clicking this gives you the option to change the site title, tagline, logo, and icon you want to use.

You’ll also see other options, including Header Media, Header Top Bar, Header Main Area, Header Button and Menu. Each of these lets you edit a different aspect of your WordPress header.

Adding a Header Image

If you want to add a header image to your WordPress header, navigate the same as before but this time click Header Media. This option lets you add images and videos to your header.

To add a new video, select a video that you want to display and then add an optional link.

If you want to add an image, click the Add new image box just below and select the file you want to add. Once you click this option, WordPress will forward you to an editor where you can crop your image before publishing it.

To remove a header image in WordPress, go to the Header Image section and click Hide Image. If you have multiple images, you can ask WordPress to Randomize uploaded headers.

Customising the WordPress Top Bar

The top bar is the bar that appears right at the top of your website above the header. Webmasters often use it as a simple navigation menu, offering search tools, log-in facilities are more.

To edit the top bar, go to Appearance >> Customize >> Header. Then click Header Top Bar.

You should see options for Left Content and Right Content. WordPress lets you edit this with simple, pre-programmed options to choose from, including Menu, Widget, and Text/HTML.

If you are using WordPress Pro, this box gives you more options. You can choose the Link Hover Color, Padding, colors and more.

To apply any changes you make, click Publish.

Add Menus To Your Header Using Widgets

Widgets are another way to add menus to your header. Simply go to Appearance >> Widgets to bring up the menu. WordPress will then present you with a large options menu, showing you available widgets on the left, and the locations you can apply them on the right.

Click the Navigation Menu widget and then drag and drop it into either the Header Top Bar Left Sidebar or Header Top Bar Right Sidebar. Then choose a title for your menu and save it to your site.

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