Evolving your technology to the next level of reliability and performance.

As some of our services approach their end of life, SaneChoice is taking the opportunity to implement next-generation technology products.

Next Generation

Implementing new technology to benefit our clients.

What is happening?

Over the years, SaneChoice has provided Hosting and email services for our global customers. Unfortunately, the platforms supporting these services will be End-of-Life in early 2024. As a result, we will be migrating customers to a new, high-performing, greener technology platform over the next 12 months.

Please continue to read this page to understand what this means for you. And if you have further questions, you can contact the SaneChoice Team through your Client Portal.

What products are in scope?

If you use any of the below SaneChoice services, then you are in the scope of the migration activity:

  • Web Hosting Services, including Customer Websites.
  • SaneChoice Email Services, but not including OX Business Email.
  • Client Portal, used by clients for service management.

All other services are outside the scope of the migration. That includes Domain Names, SSL Certificates, DNS Services, Website Backup, Website Builder and OX Business Email.

What is the impact of migration?

The migration aims to be transparent to our customers, with more benefits created by the migration. However, there is always a risk during service migration, including brief outages. The project team are focusing on keeping outages to a minimum by using our internal expertise and, when required, skilled partners.

What are the benefits?

As mentioned in the above section, there will be benefits that come with the migration:

  • We will be accelerating our greener technology focus.
  • We will be migrating services to platforms that provide improved reliability, performance and scalability.
  • We will have greater protection from supplier price increases created due to the cost of living.
  • We will enhance and increase our product offering, including Virtual Hosting products and global coverage.

Will the migration increase my service charges?

No they will not.

Your service charges will not increase due to the migration. As mentioned in the previous section, part of the rationale of the migration is to ensure protection from supplier price increases. 

How will the migration work?

SaneChoice has created a simple 2-step process to ensure transparency and minimum disruption during the migration.

  1. Over the coming months, our Customer Support Team will contact you with details of when your service migration will occur. This engagement will also include any steps or changes you need to take. During this engagement, you will also have a chance to ask questions and get comfortable with any requirements. 
  2. Our technicians will migrate on the assigned date (likely over a weekend to avoid core business disruption). This will include keeping you in contact during the process and robust testing of your service post-migration.

What do I need to do now?

Nothing! Our team will be in touch over the coming months and provide you with greater detail. But, until the migration, your services will continue to operate as they do today. 

Can I talk to someone about this?

Of course! Feel welcome to contact SaneChoice Customer Support through the Client Portal or through our online contact form.

Greener. Cleaner.

At SaneChoice, we have an obligation to the environment. The decisions about our future state technology have ensured we remain focused on sustainability.

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