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affiliate program,affiliate partner

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affiliate program,affiliate partner
affiliate program,affiliate partner
affiliate program,affiliate partner

Offer reliable technology services to your clients.

You earn up to 10% commission for every customer that you refer to our hosting, domains, SSL certificates or design services.

NOTE: a small verification fee is required as proof of identification.

Affiliate Program FAQ.

What is SaneChoice Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy in which businesses reward affiliates for driving sales, leads, or other desired actions through their marketing efforts. Affiliates promote products or services on their websites, social media, or other platforms and earn a commission for each completed action.
A unique affiliate link is a URL containing a special tracking code assigned to you by the affiliate program. When a user clicks on your link and completes a desired action (such as making a purchase), the tracking code ensures that you receive credit and earn a commission for the sale.
You can promote your affiliate links through various channels, including your website or blog, social media platforms, email marketing, paid advertising, and more. Create high-quality, valuable content that appeals to your target audience, and incorporate your affiliate links naturally within the content.

How are Affiliate Program earnings calculated?

Earnings are calculated based on a commission structure. The SaneChoice affiliate program generally offers a 10% commission per sale.

How do I get paid?

SaneChoice has a minimum payment threshold of £25 that you need to reach before you can request payment. Once you’ve reached the threshold, payments are made on a monthly basis, either through direct deposit or PayPal.
Cookie duration, also known as cookie life, refers to the period during which an affiliate’s tracking cookie remains active on a user’s device. If a user clicks on your affiliate link and completes a qualifying action within the cookie duration, you will earn a commission for the sale.

Do I need a website?

While having a website can be beneficial for affiliate marketing, it’s not strictly required. You can also leverage social media, email marketing, or other platforms to promote your affiliate links. However, a website or blog allows you greater control over your content and provides a platform for building a long-term, sustainable affiliate marketing business.

If you are looking for an affordable website, the SaneChoice Website Creator is a great choice.

What are the best practices for successful affiliate marketing?

Successful affiliate marketing involves creating high-quality content that provides value to your audience, promoting products that are relevant to your niche, and building trust with your audience. Continuously test and optimise your marketing strategies, stay updated on industry trends, and prioritise ethical marketing practices to ensure long-term success.

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