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The great thing about social media marketing is that you can achieve quite a lot with no marketing budget. However, there are times when you want to take advantage of paid social media, and Facebook ads are one of the best options in this area.

Unfortunately, paid advertising on social media isn’t always as easy as it appears. This article provides some valuable tips for Facebook ads to include in your Marketing Strategy.

Make your Facebook Ads visually appealing.

As with everything in social media, optics are essential. You can’t hope for a successful ad unless it stands out enough to encourage users to click on it. Therefore, you don’t want to rush this process. Instead, consider your options carefully.

Consider what type of image will engage the users you want to attract the most. A stock image may be sufficient depending on your needs, but this isn’t always the case. Consider editing an image incorporating visual and text elements if you want something more advanced. If you go down this road, remember less is more, and content with too much text may not be approved.

Have a clear target for age, gender, and location

Some brands believe general ads will get the job done. However, this is rarely the case, and you want to pay the lowest amount per click. The most effective way of achieving this is by clearly defining who you want to target. Fortunately, tools such as Google Analytics and social media analytics provide much information.

Therefore, getting a clear impression of your core audience’s age, gender, and location shouldn’t be hard. The general rule is that the greater your targeting, the better your results will be. If you aren’t sure, run two ads with different targeting and compare the results.

Think outside the box when choosing interests

An essential part of creating your Facebook ad is choosing what interests your target audience. Of course, you would start with interests related to your industry and list those. However, sometimes the way to expand your reach is to understand the connections between specific interests. Returning to the previous point of age, gender, and location data will help you pinpoint what these related interests might be.

However, the best tools will be analytics from your social media platforms and website. You may need to experiment with various interests to find the right formula for the ad. The critical point is to think outside of the box. For example, users interested in fitness may also like fashion.

Conclusion: Facebook Ads require some thought

Organic social media marketing is excellent, and brands can achieve so much. However, paid social media often is needed to give everything a boost. Facebook ads are one of the best options in this case. However, remember when designing yours to make your ad visually appealing, be clear on your targeting, and think outside the box when choosing interests.   


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